Whitaker’s Almanack – Today’s world in one volume

Whitaker’s Almanack is the ultimate single volume reference source. It is a treasure trove of information about today’s ever-changing world — from detailed information on the UK monarchy, government departments, health and education systems to extensive and authoritative data on every country in the world.

Whitaker’s Almanack has been published every year since 1868. Such is its reputation that a copy of the 1878 edition was included in the time capsule beneath Cleopatra’s Needle, Sherlock Holmes used it when deciphering a code in The Valley of Fear, and during the Second World War, Winston Churchill wrote to the editor seeking reassurance that publication would not be interrupted by the Blitz.

What they’ve said about us

If you want to know it … it’s here” – John Humphrys, journalist

A mighty work of reference” – Sir Trevor McDonald, OBE, journalist

A standard relaxation for me is to open the Almanack at random, and ease myself into the hypnotic world of eclectic information” – Tim Waterstone, bookseller

Whitaker’s is the place for things that everybody needs but nobody publishes – nobody else” – Matthew Parris, journalist

Settler of argument, provider of spurious historical parallels, goad to the weary hack’s mind … I become so engrossed I forget what I was trying to look up in the first place” – Libby Purves, broadcaster

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